The Raid over Bungling Bay Map Site

Well, okay, there's not much on this site right now. But you can take the background picture and save it; it's the complete map from Raid over Bungling Bay, as we know it from the C64 (without any ships, airplanes, guns, radar stations and factories, these were displayed as sprites and I didn't bother to include them in the map).

You can also download a zip-archive which contains this map plus the map segments. The map segments are the building blocks from which the full map is made up. How they are put together is also documented in a text file in the archive. Each segment has a size of 40*25 characters (the size of a C64 screen) and the map consists of 10*10 of these segments.

If I violated a copyright by putting this stuff online, send me a mail (to and I'll apologize and remove the offending material immediately if you wish so.

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